We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

"This has been one of the best - if not *the* best - experiences I've had working with a photographer in my 13 years of doing various in front of the camera things. You are an absolute dream to work with - you made me look fantastic and were so fast in getting the photos to me!" -- Alyson, Chicago

"Truly, there was only one other occasion in all my life where I felt beautiful and desirable. Never have I felt it entirely on my own, always looking for beauty in the approval of someone else’s eyes. You unmade the fears of 30 years in 3 hours." — Cheyenne, Dallas


"These are phenonmenal!!!!!!!!! I am totally freaking……you did such an awesome job!!!! I have NO idea which ones I want in which tone cuz I am still stupdified over how cool they look! I will get back to you once I stop giggling!!!!" — Nikki, Chicago

"You are amazing! Thank you so much. The photographs are beautiful, I am so pleased and I know he will be too! You do such great work and I love what you did with the album!" — Mary Anne, Dallas